OKI's retail solutions provide a relaxing experience for customers in specialist stores

Banner printing, poster printing, greeting cards, loyalty cards, vouchers, waterproof leaflets

Specialist Retailers cater to a diverse range of consumer interests. While online shopping has brought more choice to consumers, Specialist Retail Stores for hobbies and past-times can offer invaluable expertise alongside the exciting product ranges and accessories that they stock. Capture attention with signage that both entices and educates customers, driving loyalty and return visits with loyalty cards, direct mailers and vouchers.

Help customers identify what they need and up sell or cross sell for increased basket value. Achieve all this in-store, without the need for complex machinery or a 3rd party print shop. OKI’s Retail Solutions help Specialist Retailers to remain relevant to today’s internet-savvy consumers and help customers identify what they need, creating up sell or cross sell opportunities for increased basket value.

greeting cards, waterproof leaflets, loyalty cards, vouchers

OKI’s Retail Solutions for Specialist Retailers

OKI supports sporting goods stores in outperforming the competition; enables musical instrument retailers to cut through the noise; allows hobby stores to craft effective promotions and helps book sellers realise their full creative potential. OKI’s devices enable specialist retailers to maximise the potential of their promotions with one single device that can switch between a wide range of media, for all kinds of applications to engage with customers for their specific specialist area.

Meet your new Specialist Retail Print Provider

OKI C650 C834 MC853 MC873
Why outsource your retail in-store printing needs when you can print what you need when you need it with OKI's C650, C834 and MC800 Series printers. These ultra-compact, cost efficient A4/A3 colour printers for retailers feature innovative, in-built digital LED technology, delivering high-speed, high-quality results on demand, in-house on an unrivalled range of media.  There’s no longer a need for large format printers with additional cutting equipment, or specialist printing devices. Print big or small from one compact device!

Drive Revenue through Visual Communications with Impact

From Specialist Retailers in broad industries such as sports equipment and booksellers to those niche markets including musical instruments and arts and crafts, there is untapped potential for retailers that take print in-house, enabling more effective experimentation and customisation with different print applications, while saving money typically spent outsourcing print costs.

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