Oki’s retail solutions bolster sales for garden centres & nurseries

Banner printing, poster printing, Waterproof Plant loop, waterproof self adhesive labels, waterproof plant bed cards, waterproof shelf edge labels, waterproof plant pot labels
OKI’s Retail Solutions support Garden Centres with building and cultivating strong relationships with their local customers. From Garden Centres to Nurseries, these hardy retailers have a strong requirement for robust print applications, from hanging banners and shelf talkers, all the way down to colourful and informative waterproof plant pot labels and self-adhesive stickers.

Whether it is to help tradesmen on time-sensitive jobs find specific materials quickly and easily, to helping consumers select plants for their gardens, OKI provides fast, reliable solutions for a diverse range of applications, to help retailers communicate and engage with customers instore.
Waterproof Self Adhesive Labels, Waterproof Plant loop, Waterproof Hanging Banners & Posters

OKI’s Retail Solutions For Garden Centres & Nurseries

OKI’s Retail Solutions enable Garden Centres & Nurseries to produce an extensive range of visual communications and in-store advertising on-site, on demand saving precious time. The ability to print on a wide range of waterproof media in different formats that is UV resistant for up to 12 months, enables retailers to optimise indoor and outdoor sales areas to improve the customer experience, advertise specific products and drive overall sales.

Meet your new Specialist Retail Print Provider

OKI C650 C834 MC853 MC873
Why outsource your retail in-store printing needs when you can print what you need when you need it with OKI's C650, C834 and MC800 Series printers. These ultra-compact, cost efficient A4/A3 colour printers for retailers feature innovative, in-built digital LED technology, delivering high-speed, high-quality results on demand, in-house on an unrivalled range of media.  There’s no longer a need for large format printers with additional cutting equipment, or specialist printing devices. Print big or small from one compact device!

Drive Revenue through Visual Communications with Impact

From local tradespeople to Garden Centres generating revenue throughout each seasonal sales cycle, visual communications play a critical role in helping both your customers and your business.

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