OKI’s retail solutions help clothing retailers stay on trend

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In the fast-paced world of clothing and fashion, retail stores need a fresh look every season, from the window display all the way through to the artwork adorning the changing room walls. OKI’s Retail Solutions enable clothing retailers to stay relevant by displaying on trend styles, from clothing to accompanying accessories, to capture customer attention and influence sales.

From clothing stores stocking the essentials, to the premium high street retailers, high-end boutiques and sprawling department stores, retailers have a limited window to sell their seasonal designs. OKI’s Retail Solutions can help retailers with instore advertising displaying “head to toe fashion” looks through eye-catching, high quality signage.

OKI’s Retail Solutions for Clothing and Accessories

OKI’s Retail Solutions enable clothing retailers to tailor their printing output to each individual store’s needs by bringing printing instore, on demand, saving time and costs on outsourced printing, as well as saving on wastage and storage space. Clothing retailers maximise the potential of their promotions through fast, cost-effective OKI devices that help them stand out from the crowd.

Meet your new Specialist Retail Print Provider

OKI C650 C834 MC853 MC873
Why outsource your retail in-store printing needs when you can print what you need when you need it with OKI's C650, C834 and MC800 Series printers. These ultra-compact, cost efficient A4/A3 colour printers for retailers feature innovative, in-built digital LED technology, delivering high-speed, high-quality results on demand, in-house on an unrivalled range of media.  There’s no longer a need for large format printers with additional cutting equipment, or specialist printing devices. Print big or small from one compact device!

Drive Revenue through Visual Communications with Impact

With fresh new trends, constantly emerging and new stock lines entering stores, Clothing and Accessories Retailers rely on high impact signage to draw attention to the latest lines, promote the seasonal offers and thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. OKI supports retailers with in-store signage that captures customer interest, as well up selling and cross selling fashion items while pushing through last season’s stock.

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