High-quality voice processiong software library eSound

ProductseSound™ engine for Server

Advantages of eSound engine for Server

Enables lower cost for systems

Improves the CPU usage efficiency of voice processing for a large-scale system using fewer machines.

OKI's original efficient architecture is used in the "eSound Engine for Server" for higher efficiency in CPU usage, thus enabling large-scale system operation with a smaller number of servers to reduce hardware cost. In a general operating environment, OKI achieves 15% or less CPU usage when simultaneously processing 1,000 channels.

Number of simultaneous channels and CPU usage

Simple and easy-to-use API provides easy development of applications

Simple and high-performance API allows easy development for implementing "eSound Engine for Server" in applications. The API reduces time needed to develop products so that customers can timely implement new services and products into the market.

Differentiates through advanced functions

Supports wideband voice codec with growing use of NGN

The "eSound Engine for Server" is compatible with the wideband voice codecs used in NGN to convey high-quality voice. In addition to the ITU-T G.722, the software will be compatible with G.711.1, the wideband voice codec that has been standardized by ITU-T in 2008, to support the latest systems applied on NGN.

Offers peace of mind to users through its high quality and strong track record

OKI succeeded in offering a high fax reception rate of 99.999%(*1) via IP networks.
  • *1 :Based on OKI’s calculation.

As packet loss and delays can occur in an IP network, improving communication rate is a key requirement in fax communication. Based on the know-how it has accumulated through its strong track record in designing and manufacturing fax-compatible equipment, OKI succeeds in reducing the error rate and achieving a 99.999% success rate when sending and receiving fax data over IP networks.

Strong track record of use in call center systems and IVR products of major manufacturers

The advancetages of this software has already been proven in the market with use in IVR products of major manufacturers including "CTstage," a contact center system dominating 46% of market share in Japan starting 2007(*2). OKI will continue making efforts to improve the customers' advantage by reflecting customer needs for a worry-free use.

  • *2 :Source: "Status and foresight of 2008 call center/contact center market" by Yano Research Institute Ltd.
Developed in-house for quick and smooth support

OKI's "eSound Engine for Server" was developed in-house. OKI provides quick and smooth support and strong backup for the success of customers' business.

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