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In order to achieve the goal of establishing "a safe and comfortable society,"
OKI strives to promote the development of advanced technologies.

Goals of OKI's Technologies

From the viewpoint of "Connected Society, Connected Lifestyles, and Connected Manufacturing,"we are researching new technologies in which IoT and AI are combined together and that have strong points in areas where the real world meets digital technologies so that we can help customers achieve digital revolutions.
We are also developing innovations with the hope of creating new businesses in which technologies that OKI develops generate new business values.

Advanced Technologies

IT infrastructure to "meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide" will be created through coordinated interworking of various technologies in the areas of "sensing," "smart network" and "data mining."

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Technical Journal: OKI Technical Review

This issue introduces OKI's research and technology focusing on "Delivering OK ! to your life." through "OKI's New DX Strategy."

Latest issue No.240, Vo89,No.2 (November 2022) "Delivering OK ! to your life." OKI's New DX Strategy

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