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We will contribute to the improvement of the quality of
life of people around the world through sound corporate
activities based on our corporate philosophy.

As a Company "Delivering OK! to your life."
Sustainability Initiatives of the OKI Group

As a participating member of the United Nations Global Compact, we will tackle social issues that are indicated as SDGs, and will implement environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives that support our corporate values.

Sustainability of the OKI Group


While being compliant to "OKI Environmental Challenges 2030/2050,", promote fusion of environmental and management concerns, leverage OKI's comprehensive capabilities to develop and support safer and more convenient social infrastructure, and help achieve SDGs.

Environmental Conservation Website



Corporate Governance

To earn the trust of a wide variety of stakeholders, the OKI Group considers that its top priority mission is to ensure its sustainable growth and increase its corporate values over the medium to long term. To achieve this goal, we are working to enhance corporate governance based on our fundamental policies including "enhancement of the fairness and transparency of management," "prompt decision-making processes," and "ensuring compliance and strengthening risk management."

Corporate Governance Structure


Basic Policy on Establishing Internal Control Systems

Risk Management/Compliance

The OKI Group is working to strengthen its risk management under the supervision of the Risk Management Committee. In accordance with our "Compliance Commitment" and in order to ensure fair corporate activities, we are promoting training under the supervision of the Compliance Committee, and have established consultation and reporting channels.

Steady Promotion of Risk Management

Ensuring Full Compliance

Fair Trade

Information Security

Based on the OKI Group Information Security Basic Policy, the OKI Group has established a system to ensure information security to properly manage and protect company and customer information.

Strengthening of Information Security

Enhancing the Protection of Personal Information

Reports on misuse of public research funds and misconduct related to research
activities can also be filed from the page that opens when you click the above button.

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