Environmental Management

OKI Group Environmental Policy

The OKI Group realizes a better global environment by providing products and services that contribute to the development of the information society for the next generation, and passes this down within the group.

  1. Work to prevent pollution and protect the environment by implementing the OKI Group environmental management.
    • Take action to provide environment-friendly products and services in all business processes through product planning, manufacturing, and maintenance operations.
    • In business activities, strive to save energy and resources and take action to reduce and recycle waste.
    • Work on biodiversity conservation and sustainable use.
  2. Comply with applicable environmental legal requirements and regulations, and with customer requirements and other requirements to which the OKI Group subscribes.
  3. Adequately implement PDmCA (Plan-Do-multiple Check-Act) in the environmental management system, and take action to advance environmental performance and to continue improvement of its operation system.
  4. Disclose environmental information, and make wide contributions to the society by supporting environmental activities.

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