Human Resources Management Initiatives for Human Resource Development

Initiatives for Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development and Participation through Work Experience

In order to create a virtuous cycle in which maximizing of employee performance and fostering of employee growth and job satisfaction lead to corporate growth, it is important to have thorough dialogue with each and every employee. The OKI Group utilizes a career design system, a target management system, and a personnel evaluation system so that employees can autonomously form their career visions and take on challenges in their work where the goals of individuals and the organization align. We support employees’ personal growth by having superiors provide feedback through interviews between superiors and subordinates.

In addition, once a year, we have an award system to recognize the challenges and results achieved by individuals and team/project units on a Group-wide basis, which motivates employees and encourages them to take on challenges to effect change.

Linkage of Major Personnel Systems with Human Resources Development

Linkage of Major Personnel Systems with Human Resources Development

Development of Human Resources in Line with Our Strategy

Developing Executive Talent

To develop executive talent who will lead the OKI Group in the future, we dispatch them to selective internal training programs and external training programs such as graduate schools of technology management. In fiscal year 2022, we overhauled our internal training program to include lectures and coaching by external instructors and sessions for dialogue with the President and executives on management issues. Through this practical program which lasts about one year, we are developing executive talent.

Development of Human Resources to Work Globally

To develop human resources who can adapt to differences in language, business practices, and culture, and who can play an active role on the global business, we conduct selective training as well as language training on a voluntary basis. We also dispatch human resources overseas through our overseas training program and overseas studying programs.

Support for Autonomous Learning and Diversification of Experience

The OKI Group has established a training system that includes "common training for business skills," in which employees learn business skills autonomously regardless of job position or occupation, as well as "specialized and departmental training" to hone their professional expertise. The total training hours per OKI employee in fiscal year 2022 was 22.9 hours.
In addition, in fiscal year 2022, we introduced a secondary job system to increase the diversification of employees' experience, knowledge, and skills.

Training Structure

FY2023 OKI Group Training Structure
FY2023 OKI Group Training Structure

Training Performance
  Group training e-Learning
FY2020 FY2021 FY2022 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Total number of training sessions 277 251 253 210 221 328
Total number of participants 9,340 7,761 8,260 37,043 42,598 74,701
Total study time(hours) 41,662 40,736 46,072 26,863 40,147 64,031
Hours per student(hours) 9.5 8.6 9.6 6.1 8.4 13.3

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