High-quality voice processiong software library eSound

SolutionsProviding solutions that deliver stable next-generation voice services with rich expression to end users.

Voice communication has entered a new stage going beyond telephones

Shift to ALL-IP network for innovation in voice quality

At the present, communication platforms of the world such as IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) and NGN (Next Generation Network) are quickly shifting to the ALL-IP network. VoIP that can be transmitted over this IP network will revolutionize voice quality by going beyond the constraints of conventional telephones.

Rich expression that exceeds real voice

Unlike conventional telephones, in difficult hearing environments, "eSound™" enables voice communication with live sound as if you were talking to the calling party in person, and you can detect rich expressions that goes beyond just voice.

As the widespread use of the Internet became the driving force of web services, the dissemination of ALL-IP network has the potential of pushing voice communication to a new stage that exceeds conventional telephones.

Eradicating the issues surrounding voice quality to provide a platform for creating ubiquitous services

OKI's VoIP technology "eSound™" fully supports communication carriers, service providers and device vendors that provide ubiquitous services to end users by shifting to the ALL-IP network.

Accelerating the development of new products and services

"eSound™" solves issues concerning voice quality in VoIP systems, such as packet loss, packet jittering and echoing for quick implementation into terminal products and services.

Creating new services with unique additional features

Many unique additional features are provided including "My eSound™" for listening to voice in high quality even when the calling party is using a conventional telephone and "eSound™ Positioning" that adds directional properties to voice.
"eSound™" will create new business opportunities for customers as a platform of ubiquitous services that can only be realized with the next-generation ALL-IP network.

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