High-quality voice processiong software library eSound

eSound™ TechnologiesOKI's VoIP technology "eSound™" with rich market results and spirit of innovation.

OKI's unique VoIP technology based on enormous amount of know-how in the real world usage environment of our customers solves latency, echoing, packet jittering and packet loss that are the main causes of voice-quality deterioration in VoIP networks.

"eSound™" is a voice-signal processing technology that expands this VoIP technology, added with a unique technology that allows voice to be heard naturally unlike conventional telephones by corresponding to various types of broadband voice codecs in addition to conventional narrowband voice codecs.

"eSound™" also supports innovative features like "My eSound™" and "eSound™ Positioning" to create new ubiquitous services.

High-quality VoIP technologies

High-quality VoIP technologies solve latency, echoing, jittering and packet loss that are the main causes of voice quality deterioration in VoIP networks. This technology addresses the deterioration of sound quality when using broadband voice as well as conventional narrowband voice.

My eSound™

"My eSound™" is a unique technology by OKI that allows voice to be heard in high quality even when the calling party is using a telephone of conventional voice quality.

eSound™ Positioning

"eSound™ Positioning" is a unique technology of OKI that adds directional properties to voice. Setting the position of each caller allows easier identification of the speaking party even during telephone conferences involving multiple speakers.

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