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eSound™ PositioningAdd directional properties to voice for easy listening of communication even when there are multiple speakers

"eSound™ Positioning" is a technology that adds directional properties to voice for easier identification of who is talking even during telephone conferences involving multiple speakers. This technology can also be applied in various ubiquitous services such as intuitive navigation utilizing the directional properties of voice.

Figure: Teleconference utilizing eSound™ Positioning

Cocktail party effect for teleconference

We are capable of holding a normal conversation with a specific party even when in a noisy environment, such as a party hall. This is due to the cocktail party effect unique to the human ears. However, pinpointing the speaker and listening to the conversation can be extremely difficult in conventional telephone conferences when there are multiple speakers.

Reproducing voice directionality using signal processing

In the real environment, there is small difference in the characteristic of sound reaching the right and left ears depending on the direction of the source. We are able to detect the direction of the source by this difference. "eSound™ Positioning" virtually reproduces this directionality of sound (sound localization) based on minute difference in characteristics using signal processing so that voice of multiple speakers are heard from different directions. Using "eSound™ Positioning" allows the cocktail party effect to work more efficiently and drastically improves the performance of telephone conferences involving multiple speakers.

Application in voice navigation services

Adding directional properties to voice of speakers can create new ubiquitous services. For example, it is possible to provide voice navigation services by guiding or shifting the attention of listeners to the direction of sound.

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