High-quality voice processiong software library eSound

eSound™ engineVoice signal processing software library for realizing high voice quality communication

"eSound™ engine" is a software library containing features for solving various problems related to voice quality in VoIP and additional features for creating ubiquitous services.

"eSound™ engine" fully supports the development of new voice services and products

"eSound™ engine" reduces the time required for solving problems related to voice quality faced by customers. The engine is also equipped with a high-level API for easy implementation to applications that will reduce the time required for product development so that new services and products can be quickly released into the market.

Figure: eSound™ engine software configuration

Features of eSound™ engine

High-quality VoIP technologies improved over time based on enormous amount of know-how in real world environments

High-quality VoIP technologies solve latency, echoing, jittering and packet loss that are the main causes voice quality deterioration in VoIP networks. In addition to solving these problems when using broadband voice networks, it can also improve voice and sound quality in conventional narrowband voice environments.

Additional features that create new voice services

eSound™ engine is built with features that can create voice services for the next generation, including "My eSound™" for hearing voice in high quality even when the calling party is using a conventional telephone, and "eSound™ Positioning" that adds directional properties to voice.

Rich line-up that fully supports the communication scene

"eSound™ engine" is available in a rich line-up for application in various VoIP terminals and server systems such as PCs using next-generation networks, PDAs, smart phones, cellular phones, AV appliances and home video game systems for contribution to the expansion of ubiquitous services. For example a popular service for a PC can quickly be implemented in mobile devices and built-in devices.

eSound™ engine

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