High-quality voice processiong software library eSound

eSound™ engine for Mobile

VoIP voice signal processing library for realizing VoIP features on cellular phones, smart phones, home appliances, etc.
This engine is compact and is optimized for various platforms such as ARM, X-scale, SH, etc.


Voice codecs G.722, G.711, G.729a, and others
Packet interval 10ms-120ms
Jitter buffer controller Dynamic/Static
RTP/RTCP RFC1889/1890
Packet loss concealment packet loss concealment for any codecs
Outband DTMF RFC2833
Inband DTMF (send only)
Gain control Gain control by signal processing
Recording WAV format
Playing WAV format
Conference Automatic mixing control handling multi-codec
Statistical information Information about RTP packet loss, jitter etc.


CPU ARM, X-scale, SH Core, MIPS etc.
OS Windows Mobile, RT Linux


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