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Voice Band Enhancer

Realizes natural voice communication that surpasses the quality of conventional telephones
Optimal for improving the voice quality of cellular phones

Description of Voice Band Enhancer

Up to now, frequencies transmitted as voice were limited to a range between 300Hz and 3.4kHz due to system restrictions. Since the frequencies audible to the human ear is between 20Hz and 20KkHz, this means that only portions of the voice were transmitted.

Voice Band Enhancer (VBE) generates and supplements frequency bands that could not be transmitted on conventional telephones to realize fuller and more natural voice communication.

VBE is a software library to be incorporated in devices and is already in use in commercial cellular phones.

How VBE works

VBE generates and supplements frequencies dropped during transmission using the frequency characteristics (cycle/shape) existing in voice signals. This allows, the voice heard by users to have a fuller and more natural sound.

Figure: How VBE works

Characteristics of VBE

Optimal for improving the voice quality of cellular phones

VBE is light-weight, fast-processing software designed for use regardless of the platform. Voice quality of cellular phones can be improved by using baseband chip CPUs and DSPs designed for cellular phones and surrounding sound chips. VBE also has a track record of use in commercial cellular phones.

Tuning feature that absorbs the differences of receiver characteristics

Since different receivers are used for each type of terminal, the voice characteristics transmitted to the called party will change if the receiver characteristics are different. VBE sets such receive character differences as parameters to cancel the changes caused by receiver characteristics for playback of ideal voice characteristics.

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