OKI Solutions For The HR Department


Busy HR professionals need to adapt to a range of workplace trends. 

From corporate education and development to the rise of remote working and growing volumes of sensitive or confidential data, secure document workflows are essential to efficiently and effectively collect, manage, access, process, store and distribute corporate documents and employee data.

Key challenges

  • HR teams must manage time-consuming recruitment, on-boarding and other document-intensive tasks, requiring efficient working processes
  • Inbound documents continue to grow in volume; you need fast access to all files and still need to effectively manage paper documents which can take up valuable space
  • Corporate document governance must be enforced to handle confidential, personal and sensitive information as businesses must ensure documents are stored securely but still accessible on-demand
  • Corporate social responsibility requires your organisation to minimise waste and energy consumption

How OKI can help improve your business

Streamline recruitment and on-boarding processes

Using the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) solutions, the HR department can convert incoming files to secure, searchable electronic documents. 

OKI’s integrated solutions improve document workflow, enabling you to electronically capture CVs, letters, references and other documents that are essential to recruitment and on-boarding processes. 

Automatic filing, indexing and distribution to local and cloud-based storage reduces time-consuming administration, increasing productivity and saving cost.

Eliminate the need for physical storage and maintain control of data

Document intensive HR departments deal with everything from contracts to appraisal and sickness forms, all of which must be processed, stored and securely accessed. 

Introducing a centralised electronic document repository saves time and storage costs by making digital documents available from any device. User rights management (read/write) protect document security by controlling access while digital interactions track edits, assist approvals and improve collaboration and response times.

PDF encryption protects documents stored on local or cloud-based servers.

 Secure access to confidential documents

OKI’s MFPs feature built-in security to protect sensitive information. 

This includes an Encrypted Secure Print function for protected printing and user access authentication to ensure complete document confidentiality, satisfying corporate document governance policies.

Providing access to a document repository directly from OKI’s smart MFPs facilitates on-demand printing and ensures employees print the most up-to-date forms, handbooks and other key templates as needed, reducing mass communications and the risk of accessing outdated and invalid documents.

Ensure corporate and social responsibility and drive eco-friendly initiatives

All organisations have a duty to minimise their environmental impact where possible. 

Included in many OKI devices, eco-friendly printer applications such as ‘Deep Sleep’ mode and ‘Auto-Power Off' save energy. 

Using mono and duplex printing as a default option and switching to OKI Smart Managed Document Solutions can also help to monitor and control consumption thereby reducing running costs. 

Your benefits at a glance

  • OKI’s Smart Solutions support secure, searchable electronic storage and workflow making recruitment and on-boarding processes quicker and easier to manage
  • Document and content management saves time and storage costs, improves collaboration and response times and enable users to access electronic documents from any device
  • Device/document access rights protect sensitive data and ensure best-practice processes and corporate document compliance
  • Eco-friendly printer settings and managed document solutions increase control, reduce running costs and contribute to CSR and environmental credentials

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