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OKI solutions for the Healthcare industry


The healthcare industry is becoming increasingly complex, with providers being asked to deliver quality care, ensure patient safety and improve operations at a time when budgets are under pressure. 

To meet these challenges, healthcare organisations, including hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies, require integrated, patient-centric solutions to improve business processes and overcome key challenges.

Key challenges

  • Maintaining secure systems and keeping patient data confidential are critical concerns. Preserving the privacy of sensitive information is crucial
  • Paper-based processes in the pharmacy for the processing of prescriptions is a time, cost and resource drain
  • Medical tests are slowed down by lengthy administration processes, adding time and cost to the process
  • Not all printing solutions deliver sufficient quality for medical imaging and may block the use of medical equipment, impacting clinicians’ ability to make the right diagnosis and creating delays. IT solutions that are not collaborative can have a negative effect on healthcare delivery

How OKI can help improve your business

Ensure private healthcare data is kept safe and secure

All health services hold large volumes of highly sensitive personal data, making security and data privacy of paramount importance to every provider. 

The latest OKI MFPs feature built-in security to protect sensitive patient information. 

This includes an Encrypted Secure Print function for protected printing and user access authentication to ensure complete document confidentiality. 

Reduce time and cut costs in the pharmacy

In many countries, prescription processing within the pharmacy is paper-based and labour-intensive. 

Using the latest print solutions from OKI, pharmacies can scan the prescription and digitally send the relevant information including the social security number within the barcode back to the healthcare provider, cutting processing time and ensuring accuracy.

Release valuable resource and ensure accuracy in the patient testing process

Medical testing in healthcare laboratories is a labour-intensive process.


Receptionists bear the administrative burden, taking identification numbers from patients, searching through relevant databases and printing the relevant results. 

Switching the printer to an OKI smart MFP, moving it into the waiting area and allowing the patient to use their ID details to print the results themselves is a patient-centric alternative solution that can empower their experience, as well as save time and cost.  

Guarantee flexibility, integration and exceptional print quality with DICOM embedded solutions

Medical imaging equipment such as x-ray, ultrasound and scanners, provide clinicians with diagnostic quality images directly to their computer screens using a special DICOM (Digital Imaging COMmunication) protocol.

Healthcare providers are able to reduce the time taken to patient diagnosis and costs are reduced as there is no need to prepare expensive medical films.

However, when hardcopy output is required, this poses a challenge in terms of IT integration as standard Postscript printers need to be connected to a DICOM print server which can slow down or block medical equipment from use.

OKI solves this issue by embedding DICOM intelligence within the printer, negating the need for additional hardware and streamlining support through a single point of contact.

An embedded solution provides superior "near" diagnostic image quality and now with DMe (DICOM Enhanced) better than ever mono printing for x-ray/ultrasound and a lower cost of ownership.

Your benefits at a glance

  • The latest secure printing software from OKI enables healthcare professionals and clinicians to store documents on the printer, access and print them securely, and automatically delete printed documents
  • Digitised prescription processing saves time and money and drives operational efficiencies
  • Moving printers front of house empowers patients, frees up administrative time and delivers productivity gains for healthcare providers
  • Clinical collaborative solutions enable providers to create patient-centric records without disrupting departmental workflow. OKI DICOM-embedded printers support the transition from film and paper to PACS

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