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Today’s retail environment can be both rewarding and challenging. As the move towards omnichannel gathers pace, customers are increasingly demanding and competition is tough. 

From replenishment and deliveries to staff and systems, being slow to keep pace with retail trends and consumer expectations may see your customers going online or elsewhere to make a purchase. 

To drive margins, customer engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, retailers need to continuously refresh stock, provide customised promotions and embrace innovation. 

Key challenges

  • Standing out from the competition, attract, retain and deliver a fantastic customer retail experience in order to maximise footfall in store
  • Retailers need to remain agile to profit from an ever evolving environment, including the ability to quickly produce promotional materials to support a campaign or to introduce new product lines
  • Driving stronger customer engagement and satisfaction in an omnichannel world by finding new ways to interact with them is essential to increase transactions and sales volumes
  • In a tough trading environment, the rising cost of renting retail stores means all floor and office space must be maximised and all costs and overheads optimised to drive business growth  

How OKI can help improve your business

Flexibility and creativity drive footfall and sales  

Effective retail signage is a powerful tool, especially when it comes to increasing footfall into the store. 

Produce a wide range of impactful, professional quality promotional materials in High Definition Colour, on a range of media sizes and types quickly and cost effectively.  

OKI’s range of High Definition colour printers and MFPs combined with adhoc state of the art software platforms can generate eye-catching, point-of-sale materials, including billboards, drop banners, window posters and stickers. 

By downloading and printing creative templates, stores can encourage digital interactions by drawing attention to QR codes. Create a wide range of high-quality designs at head office and print on-demand in-store, switching between different media as required. 

Print on-demand and drive up transactional value

The retail industry is a highly dynamic environment. Prices change constantly and promotions are frequently introduced. 

Using OKI’s high-performance smart printing devices with built-in software and a wide range of media handling capabilities, retailers can modify and print the latest high-quality, standout drop banners, directional signage, price tags and other materials on-demand, in-house. 

Pricing and promotions can be tailored to a specific time, customer or store, driving efficiency and transaction value to maximise sales potential. 

Save space with compact devices

The cost of renting a retail unit is often high, especially in a prime location. 

This means all available space in-store comes at a premium. Retail printers are often located in small back offices or on customer-facing front desks so it’s critical that they have a compact footprint. 

OKI’s wide range of printers and MFPs have space-saving features including front paper loading and a compact device footprint so they can fit neatly against a wall or under a shop counter and save valuable space.

Keep costs down with quality in-house printing

While the option to outsource print jobs might be tempting, the cost of short-run jobs is often so expensive that retailers end-up with a greater print-run then required and the excess is wasted. 

Using our high-quality, High Definition printers in stores and at head office, retailers can bring all their professional printing needs in-house, minimising wastage and making significant savings on distribution between multiple locations or stores.

Your benefits at a glance

  • React quickly to changing market, competitive and inventory conditions. OKI’s colour printers and MFPs offer unrivalled media flexibility and cost effective High Definition professional quality colour printing enabling you to print a combination of impactful promotional communications from newsletters, flyers, banners, billboards, gate sleeves, posters, window stickers and signs, on-demand and in-house
  • Drive customer satisfaction and sales. Help customers find what they need while drawing attention to your high profitability stock. OKI’s printers and MFPs will enable you to print directional banners, floor signage, shelf labels and gondola frames, fast and cost effectively keeping your customers coming through the door and through your store
  • Print clear display signage and point of sale material to help customers in their decision making without taking up staff time.  Clear price tags and product information not only saves you time but helps a customer make an informed purchasing decision
  • Special offers and promotions to drive footfall? Keep it simple and efficient.  Print interactive QR and voucher codes with OKI’s smart printers and MFPs to drive customers to your store and into your database

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