Print Job Accounting

Print Job Accounting

Print Job Accounting is an optional application for OKI printers and MFPs which provides an accurate picture of print/copy activity by tracking the output of individual users, workgroups and departments. It lets you assign cost values to the documents printed, including those printed in colour and duplex, and enables you to use that information for department billing or client bill-back purposes.

Cost control

The easy-to-use application captures details on colour vs. mono pages, number of pages, page size, paper types and paper trays used, document name, and total time spent on document output, by job name, person or department. It will even assign costs for supplies. Access levels can be assigned by user name, PC/server name, application, file name and website URL. Once policies are configured, the Print Job Accounting software determines how, or if incoming jobs will print. All policies are password-protected and authentication is available only through the system manager for added security.
  • Visibility and control of print and copy usage, by user or department quotas
  • Educated decisions on device consolidation

Track print activity

Print Job Accounting makes colour printing cost-effective by letting administrators track and monitor colour printer usage by users or departments.
  • Monitor user activity and analyse trends
  • Successfully identify departmental print volume needs

Print policy management

For businesses small and large, Print Job Accounting is designed for multiple-device owners of up to 50 devices for the Standard version and up to 1,000 devices for the Enterprise version*. Small businesses will also find it far easier to manage their resources and bill for their productivity.
  • Restrict all printing or just colour  printing at individual user level
  • Set individual printing usage limits by cost or pages

Cost allocation and/or cost  recovery

When charging back for colour documents, Print Job Accounting can provide five levels of colour coverage, allowing you to bill accurately for colour prints and copies. The program is simple to set up, and has a configuration wizard to expedite the process. Gather data at any time, and generate reports in CSV format, for easy export to familiar spreadsheets.
  • Assign costs to departments
  • Make educated decisions on device consolidation
  • Encourage responsible printing


  • Compatible with most OKI digital printers and MFPs
  • Standard version supports up to 50 devices
  • Enterprise version supports up to 1,000 devices
  • Enterprise version will synchronise with Active Directory or LDAP for easy user management
  • Both versions track usage (on colour vs. mono output, paper size, paper type, and device usage time) by job name, user, group or department
  • Calculates costs for each device, including cost per page and supplies used
  • Controls the cost of colour printing through management of colour access
  • Provides data in real time, viewable via Web browser and available in CSV format for importing to popular spreadsheets.

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