When Selecting Products, it’s the Label That Counts!

OKI Europe’s Dr Guy Boxall, Senior Manager – Industry Print Propositions, explores how brands and creative identities heavily rely on the colour white on their products for instant impact and recognition.
From neo-minimalism to geometric patterns, eye-catching serifs and the creative use of negative space, current design trends are having a far-reaching impact and brands are adapting with timeless, sophisticated designs. 
You’ll notice a common thread particularly when it comes to brands and visual communications. Whether wandering the aisles of the supermarket or taking in the shop signs in your local shopping centre, you can’t help but notice the predominant use of white.
Of course, colour is still very much in vogue, but it’s white that completes even the most vivid logos. Coca Cola uses vibrant red, Cadbury’s - rich purple, Starbucks - cadmium green. Next time you see each of these logos consider the following; it is white that completes each of these brands’ instantly recognisable identities.   
As design trends change, so does the printed media. Labels are relied on for countless applications. Product labels are often an integral part of a brands packaging. They are applied to products in-store to capture attention on the shop shelf. They also provide vital information such as product features and ingredients to help customers make an informed decision.
When it comes to label printing, reflecting the latest design trends which favour the predominant use of white isn’t particularly easy or affordable for businesses. Typically, label printing is outsourced to external print suppliers and white-only print has always been delivered by print houses using lengthy print processes and costly printing presses. 
This process requires that labels are ordered in large volumes to keep the label costs down, resulting in excess label stock often sitting in a warehouse and eventually being discarded when no longer needed. This common requirement for over-production can not only be as waste of money, but can damage a company’s sustainability credentials by generating unnecessary waste, and of course it negatively impacts the bottom line. 

A Design Revolution

OKI’s Pro1050 is the first compact digital LED label printer that can produce labels in a combination of CMYK and/or white. Using clear and coloured media for effect, there are countless applications for printing creative designs in white to make your product stand out on the shelf, providing a creative competitive edge that enhances the appeal of the product it is applied to. 
White printing on clear synthetic media (PE, PET, PP) allows the product to show through the label. This is perfect for specialty foods, drinks and cosmetics, allowing the customer to see more of the product enticing them to purchase. Labels can also be used for serial numbers as well as security, safety, legislative and economic information. They are also ideal for applying to windows and transparent point of sale display units, to display vital information on products and pricing. 

Making Great Ideas Stick!

For a small initial investment print shops and small businesses, for example, boutique brands within the cosmetics industry or craft beers and wineries, no longer have to rely on external printing companies to print huge volumes of labels. OKI’s Pro1050 Label Printer, is designed to rapidly print from one to a few thousand labels in one day. This unique device makes on-demand printing of highly creative labels entirely possible using five colours including white (CMYK+White). In-house production departments can modify the label layout and add variable data printing labels as required, making it quick, simple and cost-effective to print labels that are up to date with the latest design trends in-house.
Discover how OKI is Making Great Ideas Stick!  
Please note, for information on specific media that should be used with OKI printers for the applications specified on this page, please contact your local certified dealer or contact us.

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