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Item Order number Notes
20151214001917812-Paper_Tray.jpg/Paper_Tray.jpgAdditional Paper Tray 45887302 Capacity of 535 sheets of 80gsm.
20170110060326773/WLAN_34.jpgWLAN Interface 45830202


Item Order number Notes
20151216000101498-44848805_fuser.png/44848805_fuser.pngFuser unit 44848805 100,000 pages *1
20151216000059975-44846204_belt.png/44846204_belt.pngTransfer Belt 44846204 80,000 pages *2

*1 100,000 (A4 LEF)

*2 Number of printable sheets:In the case of attaching to Pro8432 WT 30000 sheets.

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