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OKI Success Story: enVie - Pro1050 Label Printer


OKI’s 5 colour label printer helps enVie create fresh soups and new beginnings

OKI Success Story: enVie - OKI Label Printer Pro1050

OKI Label Printer Pro1050
OKI Label Printer Pro1050
The Challenge

As an ethically-driven business that pro-actively addresses the issue of food waste and promotes job creation, enVie is focused on product quality, cost-efficiency, and waste reduction. 

A young start-up, the company is also refining its workflows and identifying areas where operational efficiencies can be created. One of the areas of the business that needed refining in terms of waste and cost savings was label printing. 

Each bottle of fresh soup that the social enterprise creates requires an eye-catching label to communicate the quality, freshness, and health benefits of its contents. However, enVie’s existing process entailed ordering pre-printed labels from a local print shop and adding variable information, such as expiry date and batch number, using a thermal printer.

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