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OKI Success Story: Flavour Ventures - Pro1050 Label Printer


OKI's Pro1050 helps Flavour Ventures' Creative Bottle Labels Pop in 5 colours

OKI Success Story: Flavour Ventures - Pro1050 Label Printer

OKI Label Printer Pro1050
OKI Label Printer Pro1050
The Challenge

Flavour Ventures produces a variety of unique flavoured lemonades and cocktails and wanted a cost-effective solution tol print professional quality labels to represent the Flavour brand. Just like it experiments with different flavoured drinks, it also wanted the flexibility to experiment with different label design options.

Flavour Ventures recognised that if it had the flexibility to print in-house it could print and apply labels to bottles faster and more cost efficiently than ordering labels from a third-party print supplier. It would also allow its in-house designer to experiment with more creative designs using different formats and finishes as well as colours that pop to make its products stand out to consumers. Flavour Ventures also has specific requirements around the durability of its labels. Each label must be water resistent without compromising the design or finish.

"Our goal was to be able to print our own labels with no restrictions or delays. We were aiming to have more control on what we print as well as the quantities" says Timo Siitonen, Creative Director, Flavour Ventures Ltd.

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