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OKI Success Story: Grafiche Morbegnesi - Pro1050 Label Printer


High-End Design Agency Adds Label Printing To Its Portfolio

OKI Success Story: Grafiche Morbegnesi - Pro1050 Label Printer

OKI Label Printer Pro1050
OKI Label Printer Pro1050
The Challenge

Grafiche Morbegnesi is located in Italy’s Sondrio province which is home to a wealth of premium wine and food producers. Local producers have a requirement for professional quality labels to help their products stand out from the crowd and depend on Grafiche Morbegnesi to provide this service. However, when fulfilling label printing requests, an external print supplier had to be used as Grafiche Morbegnesi lacked this capability in-house. This resulted in long lead times for the company’s customers.

One customer impacted by the long printing timescales was a large holiday farm that often requires higher print runs. With the lead times for label printing from the third-party print supplier sometimes up to a month, Grafiche Morbegnesi recognised the opportunity to take on the competition and open up a new revenue stream by printing in-house the designs it created. Not only would this enable the company to improve its service offering with faster delivery times and competitive prices, but Grafiche Morbegnesi realised it could go one step further if it could offer customers a wide choice of materials to print their labels on.

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