Environmental Responsibility


OKI Data Americas practices and encourages responsible recycling – in our production facilities, in packaging and transportation, and in how consumers worldwide use our products.

Our company marks for recycling all substantial parts within our products, packaging, and document. We partner with solid waste companies that are committed to developing markets for recycled materials. 

Equipment Recycling

We encourage everyone to properly dispose of end-of-life peripheral hardware. OKI works to ensure proper maintenance and disposal methods, and that all hardware is handled in accordance with U.S. federal and state regulations.

To support those efforts, we provide information to consumers living in states that mandate manufacturer participation in collection/recycling programs. A list of states where OKI participates is available upon request.  If you are unsure of the recycling/disposal requirements in your area, please contact your local municipality for details.  

Battery Recycling

OKI encourages all users to properly recycle or dispose of rechargeable batteries.  State or local laws may require recycling when replacing a worn battery or when disposing of peripheral equipment. Some U.S. states require that manufacturers, distributors or retailers collect and properly dispose or recycle rechargeable batteries at no cost to consumers.  

Some OKI printers use lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs, and should exhibit an RBRS recycling logo, including a toll-free number to help locate battery drop-off locations in your area.

Toner Recycling

OKI Data Americas encourages all users to properly dispose and recycle all cartridges. Please follow the instructions below to return cartridges.

Package the used cartridge.
Remove the used cartridge from the printer and SEAL IT in the same bag the new OKI cartridge came in. It is extremely important to seal the plastic bag in which the cartridge is placed.  Place the used cartridge into the protective cushions if present. Be sure to use only one bag and box with each cartridge to prevent damage during transit. Tape the box closed and take to local recycling facility or ship you box to:


95 Struck Court

Cambridge, ON N1 R 8L2

519-624-3300 x 282

If you have questions please call 1-800-OKIDATA.

Authorized OKI Data return location.
Only OKI Data genuine consumables can be returned to the address listed below.  OKI will not accept return of non-OKI consumables for recycling.


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