Environmental Responsibility

Corporate Initiatives

We are working to drive eco-friendly behavior across our business and around the world.

Green Manufacturing

OKI Data is reducing our global environmental footprint.  In our manufacturing plants, we encourage the use of natural light and sensing/regulating technologies to reduce heating and cooling requirements.  We have built recycling-based wastewater treatment plants to measurably improve water quality levels in the communities where we work and live.

Innovative “closed loop” toner handling systems have improved health and safety for our employees, while reducing environmental impacts at our production facilities.  Initiatives at OKI plants have reduced the volume of waste going to local landfills by up to 70 percent.

We have refined printer performance testing to reduce overall paper usage, and sort paper by category for more efficient recycling.  OKI Data encourages environmentally-aware procurement, and works with suppliers to promote green materials and processes.  

Environmental Risk Management

OKI strives to maintain production systems at peak efficiency, to ensure optimum safety and environmental security.  We conduct emergency containment drills to prevent the pollution of groundwater drainage systems.  If a problem occurs, we work to identify the cause and implement measures to prevent future incidents.

Safety Management

OKI Data participates in safety management efforts at our production sites worldwide.  Those activities include daily risk management steps and regular inspections to assess environmental protections, disaster prevention, and health and safety measures.

Green Packaging

To further reduce our environmental impact, OKI Data Americas is working to design eco-friendly packaging, production activities, and the correct disposal of all materials.  This includes everything from cardboard boxes for products to the wooden pallets used during transport.  We continue to test materials designed to reduce energy and pollution, and which are easier to handle and recycle.

Environmental Education

Employees at all OKI Data Americas facilities are encouraged to save resources and to reduce energy use and material waste.

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