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Al Mouwasat Hospital

A new hospital based in Saudi Arabia that prints patient reports, invoices, prescriptions and more, in-house.

OKI makes printing healthcare applications smooth and seamless for new Saudi hospital, while saving costs

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Saudi Arabian hospital chain Al Mouwasat Medical Service company needed a printer vendor to provide a solution for its new hospital in Al Khobar. Print volumes in the hospital are high across a variety of print applications including patient reports, invoices, prescriptions and much more. The project needed to avoid all the challenges the organisation had encountered in its five other hospitals such as warranty issues, incompatibility of toners and delays to serving customers due to slow printer speeds. With the help of OKI’s partner Al-Eqtessad Holding Company, the hospital identified OKI’s printer range with PrintSuperVision software as the perfect solution, as it met the brief with its small footprint and high productivity capabilities. Now this has been installed, management of the printer fleet and cost control are much easier for the hospital. All the necessary information is shown on a single screen and forecasting its consumables consumption has enhanced stock control and decreased the running costs by 40%. OKI has also helped improve the quality of the hospital’s customer service by reducing the printing time. Al Mouwasat are looking to have OKI as its preferred choice of vendor when deploying additional printers in their upcoming new hospitals and when replacing the current printers in its five other hospitals.

“The small footprint of OKI’s printers allows us to manage space without any effect on productivity. The output quality and speed are helping us to operate a good service and quality for our customers.” Mohammad Abunada, Al Mouwasat Purchasing Department Supervisor

Download the full case study for more detail on how OKI has enhanced Al Mouwasat Hospital’s services.

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