Under the slogan, "Let's start by doing what we can do!" the OKI Group and its employees are working as a team in various projects intended to make social contributions to further both society and the company.

Social Contribution Activities: Basic Philosophy and Basic Policy
Basic Philosophy

As a good corporate citizen, OKI will consider and take actions in order to realize the genuine enrichment of society, and will implement social contribution activities that earn the support of the public.

Basic Policy

Corporate Activities
OKI will continue to implement social contribution activities that reflect local and national needs, using its corporate resources, including its human resources and assets. OKI will focus on social contribution activities that reflect its corporate characteristics and will enhance its image while inspiring pride and energy in its employees.
Activities by Individuals
OKI will encourage and support voluntary activities that allow individual employees to express their humanity.


Let's begin with what is achievable now!

Reports on misuse of public research funds and misconduct related to research
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