Customer Testimonials

OKI is proud to offer world-class customer support to keep our customers printing.

Below are some direct quotes from our customers that highlight their interactions with our exception customer support team. 

“I wish to express my appreciation and justification for buying an expensive (for me) OKI DATA. Your individual tech support was graciously received.” – Paul

"I just wanted to let you know that Michele is second to NONE when it comes to online assistance.  She is the BEST person to EVER assist me with any online issues I have needed help with. She wants to solve the problem, satisfy the customer and just won’t give up.” - Dale

“Last week I called OKI data as I was trying to get my older model OKI data printer to work. Thankfully I reached Steve when I called. He very patiently was able to log into my computer and help me step by step to install the driver. He stayed on the line to make sure I was able to make prints.” – Andrea

“Please accept my sincerest thanks for the time you spent with me in solving my printing problem. You are a very knowledgeable, patient and methodical person. I have been, and will continue to be, a long-term customer of Oki printers and was always appreciative of the quality and accessibility of the help you all provide. Thanks again for great assistance.” – George

“He was very clear and concise with his instructions for me to remove parts and select different inputs to troubleshoot my printer.  He was very patient, found out what was wrong, and helped me with the part numbers that I needed to order.  He even sent me the link to YouTube so I could watch the part being installed.” - Charlie

“Michele is an exemplary member of your organization. Not only was she able to determine the problem, but she was able to direct me to perform the various technical steps to resolve the issue. She did not give up as I stumbled along.” – Barry

“(Steven’s) calm and patient manner along with professionalism, thorough knowledge, and expertise guided me through a stressful situation with my printer.  Since I work from home, I rely on my printer daily.  After speaking with (him), I learned more about my printer than I knew over the past 10 years.” - Denise

“Michele took me step-by-step and made the impossible happen. I can print! It may seem small, but I desperately needed to get this printer back up and running and I am SO thankful.” - Jen

“Steven was one of the most helpful agents I have ever dealt with before.  He fixed and addressed every concern I had.  Thank you for having workers like Steven to serve a customer.” - Duane


“His professionalism, clear and concise approach, coupled with his patience, diligence and personable approach adds up to why I hold OKI in highest regards...and why I will be a continuing loyal customer.” - Ron


“I have an OKIDATA C5500 Printer and last week I was having issues with print quality. I've had this unit for a very long time, probably 15 years give or take, and I didn't want to purchase another printer.

Well, thanks to your technician Michele, I didn't have to.” - George


“Your customer service continues to be superlative.” - Kathleen


“He helped me install my Oki printer C5800L onto my new Windows 11 laptop over my wireless network. I could not have done it without his expert help.

Throughout the entire process, he was so very patient and kind and knew exactly how to work with a novice like me. He even made sure and explained why I should have my IP Address set to manual. Something nobody else ever did. ” - Lanette


“I was having a problem with my OKI Printer ES5473MFP to set it up over my network. He was extremely patient with me. He really provided amazing and outstanding customer service. I am happy to see that OKI has employed people like Sean working for the company.” - Waqas


“Steve was very knowledgeable, helpful, patient, and spoke clearly for my old ears.” - Gary


“Michele helped me this morning and did in 10 minutes what would have taken me hours.  I very much appreciate her help and your company providing this kind of support. I am very satisfied and feel I can confidently recommend Oki products.” - Brian

“Just a short note to thank you for all of your time and troubleshooting steps you had me perform on my printer to find the problem.  Followed your emailed PDF instructions and my old printer is once again printing perfectly.” – Lou-Anne

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