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 April 4, 2023 Irving, Texas:  appointment will strengthen product availability in the americas

Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd (OKI), a global leader in telecom, infrastructure, and mechatronics systems, announces today that Item, Inc., located in Woodbridge, Virginia, will serve as the master consumables and spare parts distributor for OKI in the Americas. With this announcement OKI will significantly enhance operational efficiency, as well as improve inventory availability and create a convenient, one-stop shop for all OKI products.


Item, Inc. is well-established in the Americas with over 40 years’ experience in the distribution of printer parts, hardware, and consumables, as well as delivering value-added technical and service support offerings for leading printer brands. They have served as OKI’s primary spare parts distributor since February 2021 and were named an authorized consumables distributor in September 2021.


Under this agreement Item, Inc. will import consumables and spare parts directly from OKI production facilities in Asia and distribute them from their 70,000 sq. ft facility in Virginia. Item, Inc. will directly sell to OKI resellers in all countries in North, Central and South America, with the exception of Brazil, and they will work directly with OKI on demand forecasting, procurement and overall consumable and spare part management.


“We’re extremely excited to announce that Item, Inc. will serve as the master consumables and spare parts distributor for the Americas,” said Dennie Kawahara, President & CEO, Oki Data Americas, Inc.  “After OKI’s announcement in September 2020 that we would no longer sell OKI-branded hardware in the Americas, we shifted our focus to future operational requirements and best practices to support the channel with regards to consumables and spare parts. Item, Inc. clearly positioned themselves as a distribution partner that can manage a significant portion of our business operations and deliver added value that provides exceptional benefits to the channel.”


In preparation for this transition, Item, Inc. has been working closely with OKI to implement product forecasting processes, enhance e-commerce and operational support, and build sufficient on-hand inventory to support consumables and spare parts demand going forward.  


“This long-term partnership with OKI will enable customers to maximize their OKI printer investments, as it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep these printers up and running well into the future,” stated Timothy Rizer, President, Item, Inc. “Item, Inc. has been on a strong growth trajectory and we’re always looking to incorporate new deliverables that leverage our years of expertise. After successfully incorporating the OKI spare parts distribution into our business, which included direct importation from Asia and complete inventory management beginning in 2022, it was a natural progression for us to absorb the consumables business to deliver added value for OKI customers.” 





Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, is a $4.0 billion multinational public corporation which has been a leader in telecom, infrastructure, and mechatronics systems since 1881. Oki began its innovation in the printing industry more than four decades ago, first marketing some of the earliest dot matrix printers before pioneering the development of LED print technology.
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About Item, Inc.


Item, Inc., headquartered in Woodbridge, Virginia, is a private company specializing in the distribution of printer parts, consumables, hardware, and technical support services. Since its founding in 1979 by Timothy Rizor, Item, Inc. has consistently expanded product and service offerings and today represents leading manufacturers such as OKI, HP, Canon, Xerox, Lexmark, Konica-Minolta, Ricoh, Kyocera and more. 
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