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The Importance of Print Security

  • In 2018 hackers stole half a billion personal records. This was a 126% jump from 2017. Since 2013 there are approximately 3,809,448 records stolen from breaches every day: 158,727 per hour, 2,645 per minute and 44 every second of every day — reports Cybersecurity Ventures.
  • The average cost of a data breach in 2020 will exceed $150 million As more business infrastructure gets connected, Juniper Research data suggests that cybercrime will cost businesses over $2 trillion total in 2019.
  • By 2020 there will be roughly 200 billion connected devices. According to figures compiled within a recent Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, there are 25 connected devices per 100 inhabitants in the US.
  • Source: Cybint 15 Alarming Cyber Security Facts & Stats

Key Areas of Security Risk

How OKI Addresses Printer Security Risks

  • Output Environment
    One of the biggest sources of data loss is the printer output tray. To prevent data that, OKI printers offer employee authentication, requiring the individual that sent the job to the printer to be present at the device when the data is printed, through use of a PIN or access card. This prevents others from seeing sensitive documents.
  • Access & Control
    OKI printers can be configured to only allow authorized administrators to adjust settings. IC Card authentication can also be used, so only personnel that are supplied with cards can access the device settings. It’s important to always change the default password on initial setup.

    Encrypted jobs can also be retrieved with access restrictions, only allowing those who should have access to the data to retrieve the encrypted job. Data can be further protected by disabling USB ports and data scanned can be processed directly into encrypted PDF format.
  • Storage
    Sensitive data can be stored and accessed in a printer’s storage media. OKI printers provide hard disk encryption in order to provide the best possible protection of data.

    For additional protection, users can also set OKI printers to automatically erase the print job memory after sending sensitive data in Private Print mode. The ability to delete data and settings stored on the printer to restore to factory settings (initializing), is also available.
  • Network
    It is very important for organizations to ensure their networks are secure in order to protect their business and data. OKI printers make use of certificates and IP/MAC filtering to allow only verified users, and network security protocols (IEEE802, IPSec and SSL/TSL) to secure data. Encrypting the communication data makes it impossible to understand even if there is a data breach.
  • Firmware
    OKI proactively updates drivers for compatibility to most current operating systems, i.e. Windows 10 and Mac OS X.15 Catalina. This helps to address new security vulnerabilities as they surface. Firmware updates are available on the OKI website. We strongly recommend that users update their firmware on a regular basis.
  • Cloud
    The rise in cloud connectivity means that the likelihood of data interceptions and breaches are increased through the ability to connect to external locations. OKI printers support wireless transmission security to secure mobile print applications.

OKI is serious about printer security. In today’s environment of increasing risk, organizations must be proactive in protecting their data and this includes the printing of sensitive data. The above capabilities have been developed by OKI to enable its printer users to operate confidently, safely and responsibly.

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