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Busy HR professionals urgently need to adapt to more efficient workplace trends.

Secure document workflows are essential to efficiently collect data, minimize mistakes and securely store and manage sensitive corporate documents.  

Key Challenges

  • Recruiting and on-boarding employees requires efficiencies in a document intensive process
  • Document libraries maintained by HR continue to grow in size; organized access to these documents takes up valuable real estate in corporate offices
  • Corporate document governance must be enforced to handle confidential, personal and sensitive information as businesses seek ways to ensure documents are stored securely but still accessible on-demand
  • Corporate social responsibility necessitates your organization seek to minimize your environmental impact

Streamline Your Recruitment & On-Boarding

Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR), your HR department can convert incoming files into searchable, password-protected documents. 

OKI’s integrated solutions improve your document workflow, enabling digital conversion of resumes, cover letters, applications and other documents that are essential to recruiting and on-boarding. 

HR administration can scan documents that can be processed automatically to be indexed and distributed to local or secure cloud-based storage; increasing your productivity and lowering your cost of doing business.

Reduce Your Physical Real Estate for Document Storage

HR departments deal with a large amount of documents, everything from contracts to appraisal forms and documented confidential personnel issues, all of which must be processed, stored and accessible from a secure location.

Centralized document management systems save time and storage costs by converting documents to digital available from any device. User rights management tools ensure document security by restricting access while tracking edits, improve collaboration and response times. 

PDF encryption protects documents stored locally or in the cloud.

Securely Access & Print Confidential Documents

OKI’s MFPs feature built in document security protection with an encrypted secure print function.  This protects printing and user access authentication to ensure complete document confidentiality, satisfying document governance policies within your organization.

Human Resources is tasked with handling very confidential material at times including performance reviews, salary information or data regarding employee personal details.  When these documents need to be printed out, there is a lot of risk when printing these documents out on a publicly accessible printer.  OKI’s MFP solutions can utilize secure document release where the document will be held in a queue until you are ready to retrieve the document personally without the risk of prying eyes. 

Help Drive Socially Responsible Corporate Eco-Friendly Initiatives

Corporations have an obligation to minimize their environmental impact whenever possible. 

Many OKI devices have eco-friendly features and applications such as our “Deep Sleep” mode and “Auto-Power Off” mode to save energy.  

Enforcing mono and duplex printing as a default print option along with switching to OKI’s Managed Print Services can help to monitor and control consumption, reducing your running costs.

OKI Solutions support secure, searchable electronic storage and workflow tools, assisting in making HR job functions more secure and less time consuming:

  • Document and content management saves time and storage costs, improves collaboration and response times and enables users to access documents from any device 
  • Secure printing is made possible through document encryption and secure document release which holds documents until requested by the user 
  • Eco-friendly printer settings and managed services can monitor your printers and MFPs to decrease energy use and decrease operational costs

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