24 Pin Dot Matrix Printers


  • ml690

24-pin dot matrix printing Best-in-class reliability: 25,000-hour MTBF


ML690/691 24-pin dot matrix printers create multi-part forms and other customer-facing documents at super-fast print speeds. Versatile paper handling and long-life ribbons maximize performance and minimize running costs. Competently managing heavy media, ML690/691 maximize productivity and deliver a wide range of professional business and commercial documents.

Super-fast output - Rapid output at print speeds of up to 576cps

The high-performance ML690/691 dot matrix printers fly through up to 7-part forms and reports at print speeds of up to 576 characters per second (cps). Multiple emulations make it a seamless, straightforward replacement for slow or failed printers.

  • Impressive 576cps print speeds
  • Epson LQ, IBM PPDS and IBM AGM compatibility

Versatile paper handling - Flexible configuration manages a wide range of paper and media

Producing high-quality documents on single or multi-part paper with up to 7 copies, the flexible ML690/691 dot matrix printers feature front, top, bottom and rear paper input paths. An on-board tractor feed unit can be front or rear-mounted, providing versatile paper handling. Optional push and pull tractor feed units allow two different media types to be loaded simultaneously and feed of heavier papers and labels.

  • Prints single or multi-part papers up to 7 copies
  • Four paper paths handle cut-sheet paper and continuous forms

Professional presentation - Robust printer, high-quality 24-pin document presentation

Combining robust design suitable for a wide range of environments a with fast, high-quality 24-pin print head, the efficient, ML690/691 dot matrix printers reliably create a wide range of  professional customer-facing documents including receipts, invoices, dispatch notes and spreadsheets on single or multipart paper.

  • 24-pin print head produces sharp, detailed text
  • Resident scalable fonts improve presentation and speed
  • Comprehensive range of built-in fixed pitch fonts, scalable fonts and barcodes
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) of 25,000 hours

Cost-effective, easy-to-use - Eco-features, simple operator panel

Equipped with long-life ribbons and power-saving technology, the efficient ML690/691 dot matrix printers minimize running costs, while an easy-to-use operator panel saves time and increases productivity.

  • 8 million-character long-life ribbons keep running costs low
  • Easy-to-use operator panel

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