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  • ml395

The workhorse impact printer that offers flexible forms handling and lightning-fast throughput.


The OKI MICROLINE® 395 and four-color ML395C printers are built to deliver trouble-free reliability — with relentless, high-volume output, flexible paper handling, and swift printing speeds.

High-volume output - Fast results ideal for high-volume printing

Each of its four print speeds is among the fastest in its class making it ideal for high volume production of invoices, picking lists, labels, shipping documents and spreadsheets.

  • High-Speed Draft mode (610 characters per second) blasts through spreadsheet reports in no time.
  • 485-cps Utility and 245-cps Near Letter Quality modes kick out drafts and memos at a rapid clip.
  • 165-cps Letter Quality mode delivers crisp, clear correspondence and proposals in short order

Flexible paper handling - Multiple paper paths for added flexibility

Use the ML395/395C's optional bottom push tractor and the bottom feed's straight-through paper path for those hard-to-handle labels, card stock, and forms with up to 5 parts. Add the top feed for single sheets and envelopes, the rear push feed for fanfold paper.

  • Time-saving "paper park" function lets you switch forms at the push of a button.
  • Zero-tear function eliminates waste, advances a printed page to the perforation and positions the next page for printing automatically.

High-quality results - Getting the job done — with style

Make a lasting, professional-looking impression with the ML395/395C's four built-in, letter-quality resident fonts and eight resident barcode fonts.

  • Features parallel and serial interfaces, standard for quick attachment to a variety of systems.
  • The ML395C delivers vibrant colors as well as black for your graphics, charts, transparencies and text presentations

High-reliability - Built Tank-Tough

Rugged. Dependable. Virtually unstoppable. The ML395/395C is all that and more.

  • Heavy-duty printhead rated for 200 million characters.
  • MTBF of 8,000 hours.

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