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10 Great Reasons to Choose LED Printers

OKI has pioneered the use of LED technology in printers for more than four decades. It’s the heart of our innovation and a technology we continuously refine and improve. LED printing offers many advantages as compared to laser printing. Here are 10 reasons to choose LED printers over other technologies.
Easy Maintenance

Easy maintenance 
OKI LED printers contain no moving parts; this means fewer components to fail and makes maintenance and repair much easier.

Superior Print & Color Quality
LED technology allows for varying levels of intensity for every printed dot, producing a higher level of detail and greater color depth for professional-quality prints.

Superior Speed
LED technology flashes several LEDs across the entire line at once, while laser printers utilize a single beam that tracks back and forth across the drum. This allows LED printers to print faster for improved productivity.

Compact Size
LED print heads don't move, meaning they can be much smaller than other devices. OKI's products are among the smallest in the market and can fit into any office or retail environment.

LED printers and MFPs can print incredibly small dot sizes for a highly accurate output (dot-size precision), particularly on fine text.

Environmentally Friendly & Energy Efficient
LED technology uses less material resources in production and less energy to operate. Duplex printing, auto-off, deep sleep and toner save modes provide additional cost and energy savings.

Unrivalled Media Flexibility
OKI combines LED technology with a single-pass flat paper path, which offers best-in-class print speed and unrivalled media handling capability, supporting a wide variety of printing needs from business cards to banners.

Quality Duplex Printing
LED technology fuses the toner onto paper, unlike inkjet technology, where the ink soaks into the paper. This eliminates show-through and you don't have to wait for paper to dry before printing on the other side.

No Compromise
To achieve quality results with inkjet technology, you must either slow the speed down or use expensive special media. With LED there is no need for compromise; prints are always good quality, always high speed, with no need for special media.

Reliability – Durability - Dependability
There are no moving parts to break in LED printers, for added reliability and durability. Plus, OKI's digital LED printers use a straight-line paper path (Single Pass Color) that's less susceptible to jams when feeding heavy stock, such as envelopes or labels.
For more technical information on OKI LED technology, click here.

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