OKI Original Consumables

Benefits of Genuine Consumables

Not worth the risk

OKI Original Consumables are specifically designed and crafted to fit your device perfectly and help it run smoothly for a long time. This precision matching is why only they offer guaranteed reliability and print quality.
Keypoint Intelligence Buyers Lab, an industry-leading independent research analyst and testing firm, compared the performance, image quality, reliability, and yield of genuine OKI Original Consumables versus three third-party compatible cartridges. See the results in this video.


“The genuine OKI cartridges had the highest average page yields in BLI’s testing for each color … The genuine OKI cartridges performed excellently, while the third-party cartridges produced lower average page yields and suffered from reliability and image quality issues.”


Here are 5 key benefits of using OKI Original Consumables:

  • Reliably produce the highest quality print

  • Will not damage devices for long-term performance

  • Higher, more consistent page yields*

  • Consistent color as well as low-cost black and white capability

  • Dedicated customer service professionals for questions and support

*For a simple explanation of page yields, click here

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