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Why buy OKI Original consumables?

It's easy to get tempted by cheap alternatives, and after all, toner's just toner isn't it? WRONG! and here is why…

How do I know I am purchasing an OKI Original Consumable?

Always buy from an authorised OKI reseller. Always ask for OKI Original consumables and always check the packaging.

OKI color toners available now will be the first to feature a new generation of packaging to help you to be confident that you are buying Original consumables.

A key identifier displayed on the box is a foil security seal. The foil seal helps to denote that the packaging and contents are genuine.

Check the box

When you are buying consumables for your printer, fax or MFP - check the box first. If the foil seal is on the box, then an OKI Original Consumable is inside the box. Always check that the foil seal has not been tampered with.

Why should I buy Original Consumables?

With budgets under scrutiny, rather than buying OKI Original consumables, some customers may be tempted by cheap alternatives. After all, toner’s just toner – or is it?
Only OKI Original consumables have been designed and manufactured to work exclusively with OKI’s printers and fax machines. 
On test, independent research has confirmed that counterfeit and compatible consumables may damage your printer hardware and non-Original consumables can result in poor quality printing.
To make sure your business is not negatively affected by fake consumables, always buy from an authorised OKI Reseller, ask for OKI Original consumables and always check the packaging to ensure that the foil seal has not been tampered with.

Any doubts about your consumable purchase?

If you are in any doubt about the integrity of your purchase, contact your authorised OKI Reseller or local Sales Office.

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