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How eco-friendly is your toner?

Environmental Advantages of OKI Original Cartridges over Remanufactured Cartridges

It might seem like a more sustainable alternative, but using a refilled toner cartridge in place of a new OKI Original cartridge can end up doing more harm than good.

Some providers claim that, as their cartridges are ‘remanufactured’, they are more environmentally friendly than a newly-manufactured cartridge. 

However, as many remanufacturers source their product from the Far East they have no direct control over the amount and standard of transportation used to move it around from broker-to-broker and continent-to-continent.

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Inevitably, the excessive transportation from such remote locations and from one company to another has a negative environmental impact. 

Moreover, few such remanufacturers are transparent or offer public reporting about their environmental management systems and environmental performance.

Along with other Original Equipment Manufacturers OEMs in the printing industry, OKI has invested in reducing environmental impact and is totally open and transparent about its environmental challenges and achievements. 

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