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OKI Group AI Principles

In recent years, the development of AI technologies has been remarkable, and they have solved problems that were once thought insoluble and have huge potential as one of the means to make people’s lives richer and happier. The OKI Group aims to realize harmonious coexistence of human beings and AI by providing socially accepted AI products, etc. (i.e., products and services utilizing AI as well as provided AI technologies) in order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for people around the world.

On the other hand, because of its nature, currently there are challenges and limitations for AI, and this may cause legal and ethical issues or safety related issues due to inappropriate development and/or utilization, etc.

The OKI Group has established the OKI Group Charter of Corporate Conduct and the OKI Group Code of Conduct, and has been striving to fulfill our social responsibility based on our corporate philosophy. Based on the spirit of the OKI Group Charter of Corporate Conduct and the OKI Group Code of Conduct, in order to prevent or cope with the above issues when conducting research and development of AI technologies, the sale and provision of AI products, etc., and any other corporate activities related to AI (collectively, the "AI Business" ), we established the OKI Group AI Principles. The OKI Group will, in addition to complying with laws and regulations, continue to develop its AI Business in compliance with these OKI Group AI Principles.

(1) Respect for Human Rights

AI should be developed and utilized for the realization of a human-centric society. The OKI Group respects fundamental human rights in the promotion of the AI Business, and as part of that, we will strive to prevent any unfair discrimination. Further, we will consider privacy, and will comply with applicable rules including laws and regulations concerning the handling of personal information.

(2) Explanation and Transparency

In the AI Business, the OKI Group will endeavor to gain the understanding of our customers and other stakeholders by explaining the envisaged purposes and methods of use of AI products, etc., as well as the effects and impacts of the utilization of AI products, etc., and their limitations, depending on the nature and utilization situation of the subject AI products, etc. In particular, we will consider the transparency of how AI reaches conclusions with respect to individual AI products, etc. and endeavor to provide information that contributes to an understanding of how AI reaches conclusions. Also, we will continue to examine better ways of providing information from various aspects based on the accumulation of individual examples and the progress of future discussions.

(3) Dialogue and Collaboration

In order to deepen our customers’ and other stakeholders’ understanding of AI products, etc., the OKI Group will have a necessary dialogue with them, and strive to establish relationships with them whereby they will become more convinced in using AI products, etc. Further, we recognize that there are challenges concerning collaboration between human beings and AI and AI-to-AI, and will continue to consider these challenges so as to realize a better human-centric society.

(4) Safety and Handling of Data

The OKI Group will strive to ensure the safety of provided AI products, etc. for our customers and other stakeholders. Further, with regard to data, while protecting personal information and respecting privacy, we will ensure the proper acquisition, use, management and security of data and will strive not to cause any undue damage to our customers and other stakeholders.

(5) Development of Human Resources

In order to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life for people around the world, the OKI Group thinks that, in the performance of the AI Business, it is essential to have human resources who have a proper understanding of AI technologies and the nature, issues and limitations of AI, and who may appropriately provide AI products, etc. to society. Therefore, we will actively develop diverse human resources that are needed in the era of AI utilization.

The OKI Group will, in promoting the AI Business in accordance with the OKI Group AI Principles, develop the capability to share and resolve issues through the AI Business in collaboration between related group companies and departments. In addition to this, if we deem it necessary taking into account domestic and international trends and social demands, etc., we will amend these OKI Group AI Principles.

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