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Research & Development

Vibration Sensing Optical Fiber


OKI is researching and developing optical fiber sensing technology for crime and disaster preventions such as detecting intruders entering vital facilities or detecting abnormal vibrations affecting lifelines buried underground. The optical fiber sensing system can instantly find both the occurrence of anomalies and their exact locations through irregular vibrations of an optical fiber. The optical fiber sensing system is available for collective monitoring stretching over several tens of kilometers, thus contributing to the physical security enhancement of vital facilities and the detailed maintenance of lifelines that both cover a wide area.


Slight vibration transmitted to the optical fiber is detected in a distributed manner through the detection of subtle changes in the optical signal. The technology OKI has developed makes it possible to clearly distinguish between normal conditions and abnormal occurrences by using the statistical characteristics of light wave fluctuations, and multiple abnormal vibrations can be detected simultaneously without using expensive and complicated detection methods such as coherent detection. This technology is expected to help solve problems in a wide range of fields.

Vibration Sensing Optical Fiber

Vibration Sensing Optical Fiber Image

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