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Basic Policy

Improve business values through the development of leading-edge technologies

OKI's R&D is actively creating advanced technologies to "meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide." The key technical areas are "sensing," "smart network" and "data mining." OKI's proven strengths in media processing and optical broadband technologies will enable advanced integration with the company's system building capabilities.
Innovation development is also in progress to link R&D results with new business values as the company aims for new business opportunities.

OKI's R&D to "Meet the Diversified Needs of Communities Worldwide"

IT infrastructure to "meet the diversified needs of communities worldwide" will be created through coordinated interworking of various technologies in the areas of "sensing," "smart network" and data mining." Insights into some of OKI's efforts in each technical area are introduced below.


OKI has newly developed radio sensing technology that can detect human movements and conditions with high degree of sensitivity from changes in radio waves. It is possible to detect change in vital signs such as breathing. As Japan faces a super-aging society, this technology together with image sensing technology will contribute in providing safety and security.

Smart network

As a network that is largely scalable and power efficient, OKI has developed the world's first multi-hop network technology using 920MHz wireless communication. This makes it possible to connect a wide variety of sensors and devices to a network independent of the environment, and by integrating with data mining technology, utilization such as power saving control in smart offices and disaster monitoring in the disaster recovery field can be expected.

Data mining

Work in data mining technology is in progress to discover/utilize hidden "meanings" from the large amounts of various environmental and human behavior information obtained through sensing and transported over the network.

R&D that Leverages OKI's Strengths

Sound/video processing and optical broadband technologies are OKI's traditional strengths and fields in which the company has been highly competitive throughout the world.

Aiming to provide a more pleasing sound and video experience

In the midst of the rapidly spreading smartphones, OKI is developing technologies that can provide a pleasing sound and video experience, such as clear speech processing for noisy environments and video coding that operates even on devices with low processing power. Additionally, the company is working on the development of digital signage and other media processing systems that integrates these technologies.

Aiming to further develop broadband networks

OKI is working on the development of new optical broadband technology to further reduce power consumption in the next generation optical access network. The company is aiming to realize a virtual network for greater bandwidth optimization.

Developing Core Technologies for the Future

The buildup of core technologies will serve as a foundation to support OKI's future businesses. Works are progressing in "usability technology," which is essential for OKI's traditionally strong terminal equipment, "quantum encryption technology," an unbreakable encryption technology that is vital for security as various things become connected through networks, and "recognition technology" that is necessary in realizing human intelligence.

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