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Company Name
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Net Sales
¥352.1 billion (consolidated fiscal year end. Mar. 31, 2022)
¥44.0 billion
Takahiro Mori
14,850 (consolidated, as of Mar. 31, 2022)
Head Office
1-7-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-8460, Japan
Stock Exchange Listing
The Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Securities Code
Share Unit
Fiscal Year-end
March 31

Net Sales by Segment

OKI Group businesses consist of two segments including Solution Systems and Components & Platforms, and Others.

Net Sales ¥352.1 billion 2022/3, Solution Systems 46.2%, Components & Platforms 53.7%, Others 0.1%

Main Businesses

Solution Systems Business

OKI seeks the social implementation and business expansion of digital transformation solutions via co-creation with our partners and aims for the securement of stable earnings and sustainable growth.

Solution Systems business delivers various solutions, products and services underpinning social infrastructure in such fields as transportation, construction/infrastructure, disaster prevention, finance, retail, manufacturing and marine by harnessing OKI’s proprietary device lineup, sensing technologies including acoustics and optical, networks, technologies and know-how in data processing and operations.

Based on the belief that AI processing on the cloud will be migrated to the edge domain (terminals) in the future, we are working on the social implementation of digital

Transformation solutions via co-creation with customers, combining a wealth of use cases and AI edge technologies following our AI Edge Computing Strategy.

We believe that promoting "AI Edge and Local 5G" combining newly launched 5G/Local 5G services and AI edge computing, represents an opportunity to accelerate this social implementation of digital transformation. We are now exploring applicability to a broad range of use cases linked to solutions to emerging social issues, such as smart factories, local mobility services, and infrastructure monitoring.

Components & Platforms Business

Solving social issues through Mono-zukuri, we aspire for growth by supplying components and platforms embodying our concept of "Delivering OK! to your life." to our global partners.

Components & Platforms business develops and supplies various components utilizing technologies accumulated over the company's long history. We also provide our strengths in Mono-zukuri as a platform, helping us contribute to solutions to social issues.

Components business develops and supplies various products that contribute to solutions to social issues.

These include the development and provision of delivery reception machines and self-checkout solutions in the distribution and retail service fields, and identification of medicine to make the work of pharmacy staff safer and more efficient.

Platforms business is expanding the scope of its Mono-zukuri services in proprietary technology from electrical to mechanical technologies, in products from circuit boards to equipment as a whole, and in the order receiving process from manufacturing to design, manufacturing, evaluation and maintenance.

Financial Highlights

Net Sales and Operating Income

Net Sales by Region

Net Sales ¥352.1 billion 2022/3, Japan 84.4%, Europe 6.9%, Americas 2.9%, Others 5.8%

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