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Since Microsoft ended support for Windows XP, OKI no longer guarantee the use of OKI products under unsupported OS

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SAP Compatible Device Type File(DTF)

Version: 1

Size: 102.3 KB

SAP uses its own spooling and print system within R/3. This means that it provides a uniform interface with the printer, independent of the computer platform being used. For this reason, SAP requires its own printer drivers, which are referred to as Device Types (DTS = Device Type Support). Their task is to convert all formatting commands (for example bold, italics etc., or special printer functions, such as which tray the paper should be pulled in from) into the form of command required by the printer. Using these drivers, our printers print at the full nominal speed from SAP R3 and our features can be utilized. There are three DTS drivers, the DTS ZOKI9500, the DTS ZOKI8300 and the DTS ZOKI6100 DTS OKI9500 is Compatible with the following Oki Data printer models. C9300DN, C9300HDN, C9500DN, C9500HDN, C7300N, C7300DN, C7500HDN, C5300N and C5300DN DTS OKI8300 is Compatible with the following Oki Data printer models. OKI B8300 OKI6100 is Compatible with the following Oki Data printer models. B6100N, B6100DN, B4200, B4300, B4300N, B4300nPS Installation instructions for DTS files can be found in your SAP documentation. Additionally, all SAP documentation is freely available on the Internet: A printer handbook is located at this address, which contains documentation relating to printers, machines types etc. Installing a new printer type in SAP is quickly done and system administrators are generally capable of doing this procedure.

Operating System: Windows XP (32bit)

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