OKI Consumables Recycling Services Overview

As part of our commitment to protecting the environment, we are pleased to offer free recycling facilities for all genuine OKI Original toner cartridges, image drums (EP cartridges), fuser units, transfer belts, waste toner bottles and ribbons.

There are two options for returning used consumables to us, depending upon the quantity and weight of the item/s to be returned:

Option 1 - Freepost

FREEPOST SERVICE: For less than 10 items which weigh less than 5kgs

We offer a Freepost service where items can be returned via the postal service. Please note that there is a maximum weight of 5kg per package.

Option 2 - Recycling Bin

RECYCLING BIN PROGRAMME: For more than 10 items, or for any items which weigh over 5kgs.

The Recycling Bin programme is provided completely free of charge. The bin/s (complete with red lining bags) can be placed at convenient locations around your premises. Once they are full, the red lining bags can be sealed with the tie wraps provided and are collected by us - free of charge.

Thank you for Recycling your OKI consumables

Our recycling programme helps to reduce waste to landfill by recycling the materials used in consumable items. Currently, we recycle 97% of materials returned through this scheme.

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