Environmental Conservation

Contributing to the Environment with Products and Services OKI Eco Products

“OKI Eco Products” refer to OKI's environmentally friendly products.

The OKI Group has addressed three important environmental issues - “the reduction of power consumption,” “conformity with regulations to control chemical substances” and “resource conservation (reduction in size and weight)” - through its environmental activities related products, and contributed to the reduction of environmental impact by offering environmentally friendly products.

Introduction of “OKI Eco Product Certification Program”

In order to provide customers with environmentally conscious products, the OKI Group has operated the “OKI Eco Product Certification Program.” The program is intended to internally certify products that meet the OKI's original environmental standards and offer customers product information related to environmental conservation.
The catalog and user's manual for the product also come with the same logo.
Certified OKI Eco Products and their specifications in terms of environmental conservation are disclosed on the Internet.

Standards for registration as “OKI Eco Products”

Every product needs to meet two sets of standards, the standards common to all products and those set for each product family, to be certified as an OKI Eco Product bearing the OKI Eco Product logo.
In fiscal 2009, we added a new three-level standard of energy-saving effect to the standards common to all products in order to pursue as much energy-saving effect as possible at the time of development.

Steps to registration as OKI Eco Product

Three OKI Eco Product Logos by Energy-Saving Effect

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