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Features1: OKI MediaServer provides a total solution for video streaming services

1. Multi-device support

It supports various terminal devices such as PC, STB, TV, smartphone, tablet.

2. Multi-encoder support

It supports several encoders / live encoders

3. Multi-DRM support

It supports various DRMs(*1)that is allowed to deliver Hollywood contents

4. Multi-tenant support

By connecting with third party CMS/SMS, it suports multi-tenant functions. (*2)

  • *1: OKI DRM, Marlin are supported. PlayReady will be supported at the end of March, 2013
  • *2: the release will planned at the end of March, 2013

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Features2: Scalability

  1. Scalability and excellent cost performance can be achieved by standard servers/IP switches and original parallel file systems
  2. Supports from small-scale systems up to large carrier-grade systems

Basic System

  • Most basic system configured using a single standard PC server.
  • Ideal for local video delivery using the intranet or as an entry model.

Parallel System/Distributed System

  • Parallel file systems adopted to share contents between multiple streaming servers.
  • Large-scale system with excellent availability and cost performance achieved by distributing CPU and storage loads.
  • Expand to a multi-location VOD system

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Features3: a variety of encryption

Safe, high-speed encryption adopted for Hollywood contents distribution services

  • Session key method: Encryption key generated on a per session basis results in high security.
  • Proprietary high-speed algorithms.
  • Contents can be encrypted while copying from center server to local servers.

Real-time encryption (OKI DRM)

  • OKI DRM generates session key and encrypts contents in real-time during delivery.
  • One content is encrypted by one new key whenever it is requested.
  • Real-time encryption function supports keys generated by Marlin-IPTV-ES.

Hybrid encryption

  • Real-time encryption (OKI DRM) and pre-encryption method can be used in one system.
  • Pre-encryption method encrypts contents while the center server delivers contents to local servers reducing encryption costs.

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