Corporate Information

History 2010 - 2019

  • Reaches Five Billion Reed Switch Sales
  • Establishes Printer Sales Office in Russia
  • Delivers "Next Generation Automated Gate System" to Haneda International Airport and Kiosk Terminal "SUKIT™" to Haneda Airport's New International Terminal
  • Participates in United Nations Global Compact
  • OKI Data Group Transitions Back to the OKI Brand
  • OKI Develops Japan's First 920MHz Frequency Band Wireless Multi-hop Communication System for Smart Communities
  • OKI develops the world's purest quantum entangled light source and establishes practical, next-generation quantum cryptography technologies
  • OKI Establishes Representative Offices in Indonesia and Germany
  • OKI Develops Bandwidth Allocation Control Technology for Next-generation Optical Access Systems
  • OKI Develops Ultra-sensitive Human-detecting Sensor Technology Capable of Detecting Minute Movements, including Human Breathing
  • OKI Develops Compact Sound Source Separation (SSS) Microphone Module with Ambient Voice Suppressor (AVS) Technology
  • OKI's Wiredot Printer Receives Information Processing Technology Heritage Certification in Japan
  • OKI Successfully Completes IPv6-based Video Distribution Trials using the OKI MediaServer in Singapore and the Philippine
  • OKI Launches CenterStage® NX3200 Session Border Controller Offering Packet Transfer Processing Functions with World-leading Performance
  • OKI's Teletype Model 55 Receives Information Processing Technology Heritage Certification in Japan
  • OKIFAX 7100 Registered Among Essential Historical Materials for Science and Technology by the National Museum of Nature and Science
  • OKI Starts Operations of its New ATM Business Company in Brazil
  • OKI Signs Agreement with Xylon for Exclusive Usage Rights of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Technology
  • OKI's AT-100 Cash-recycling ATM Receives Information Processing Technology Heritage Certification in Japan
  • OKI Develops Area Sound Enhancement System to Pick up only Sounds in a Target Area
  • OKI Launches Overseas Certification Acquisition Service for Electronic and Electrical Equipment manufacturers
  • OKI Completes Installations of 600 Cash Recycling ATMs for State Bank of India
  • OKI Introduces the ColorPainter™ E-64s, a 64-inch Wide Format Inkjet Printer Equipped with SX Ink Low-odor Eco-solvent Ink for the Global Market
  • OKI Launches ATM-Recycler G8, a Strategic ATM Model for Emerging Markets
  • OKI Wins Silver Innovation Award from ATM Industry Association
  • OKI Named a 2018 Thomson Reuters Top 100 Global Technology Leader
  • OKI releases "High performance USB3 Vision-compliant active optical cables", featuring a transmission distance of up to 40 meters
  • OKI Establishes "OKI Environmental Challenge 2030/2050"
  • OKI named a 2019 Noteworthy IT Strategy Company
  • OKI Becomes TCFD Supporter
  • OKI and OKI Data Use Quantum Computer to Solve Real-World Optimization Problems at Manufacturing Site
  • OKI Group Establishes AI Principles

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