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OKI Issues Technical Journal Focusing on "OKI's Exponential Technologies towards the Future"

Introducing the Edge Platform concept

TOKYO, Mar 25, 2024 -- OKI (TOKYO: 6703) today published the English-language version of issue 242 of OKI Technical Review (*1), OKI's technical journal. This issue's special feature is "OKI's Exponential Technologies towards the Future". It describes technologies intended to advance the Edge Platform, the main concept of OKI's technology strategy for the years up to 2031 which was announced in November 2023.

Edge Platform concept

Amid this era of uncertainty and unpredictability, we are facing ever worsening social issues, such as increasingly severe natural disasters due to climate change, labor shortages resulting from an aging population, and the aging of infrastructure. The role of technology is shifting from providing affluence to solving such social issues, which has led to both changes in the nature of technology itself and accelerated technological evolution.

OKI's technology strategy has been formulated in order to capture these changes and to continually generate solutions to social issues through medium to long-term technological innovations. According to Kurato Maeno, Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer: “OKI will continue to advance its core competency in “toughness,” i.e., its technology and expertise accumulated over the years to ensure an unstoppable/unceasing safe and convenient social infrastructure, into the future. The Edge Platform concept has been advocated under this technology strategy to advance edge devices used in the real field on the basis of “toughness,” and to expand the value provided by connecting and integrating data.”

This issue's special feature describes various technologies and research intended to advance the Edge Platform.

The contents of this journal are as follows:

  • New Technology and New Products
    • New Technology using QST® x CFB for Social Implementation of Vertical GaN Devices
    • Zero-Energy IoT Series
      -Realize Remote Monitoring of Infrastructure and Disaster Site with Easy Installation-
    • Realization of Smooth Traffic Flow using Digital Twin
    • Sensing Technologies using Optical Fibers and Metal Cables


  • *1 :OKI Technical Review

    Technical journal published twice yearly to showcase the OKI Group technical development achievements and present the latest products in clear, easy-to-understand language

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