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Cash Recycling Solutions

Software solution RM3

Our ATM Operation Management System RM3 is Windows®-based remote monitoring software to optimize the performance of OKI Recycler G-series.


With long-time experience in cash recycling technology, RM3 is truly tunes to OKI Recycler G-series realizing cash optimization and preventive maintenance with remote operation to minimize on-site support and number of cash transit.


Monitoring ATM status
Remote operation Reboot
Hardware reset
Software update
File upload / distribution
Screen sharing
Log / Journal Log collect
Journal collect / display
Journal transfer report
Notice history Failure notice
Statistic reports Availability
Availability data export
Failure detail
Media empty & full rate
Status history
Cash balance
Transaction analyze
Banknote data Banknote data collect / search
Preventive maintenance Statistics of status
Continuous alarm
Basic configuration Property management
System setting
Data management Definition about data
Data import
Authority management PIN change
User management
Operate log
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