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Investor Relations

Corporate Information Message from the President Corporate Information Message from the President

Shinya Kamagami

Today, OKI held a meeting to announce its Mid-term Business Plan 2019, with fiscal year 2019 as the final year.

In Mid-term Business Plan 2019, OKI puts the top priority to reinforce earning capacity in order to be a company that can secure stable profitability with a view to establishing a foundation for achieving sustainable growth and evolution.

For the basic policy, OKI will promptly rebuild Mechatronics systems business and Printers business and develop EMS business much further while securing solid base of profitability in ICT business. Moreover, OKI aims to create and develop new growth businesses including next social infrastructure.

Establishing several profitable business pillars is necessary for the sustainable growth. OKI will reinforce profitability of existing businesses leveraging OKI's specialties such as networks, sensing and high reliable manufacturing technologies. In addition, OKI will create new businesses that uphold OKI Group's future based on OKI's distinctive technologies. To this end, OKI will strive for promoting co-creation with customers and business partners in different industries that have strengths and leveraging open innovation for acquiring new operation know-how and technologies.

With regards to common measures supporting future growth, OKI implements a wide range of initiatives such as proactive investment for R&D and human resource management such as work style reforms and promotion of women's active participation, and governance enhancement, in addition to continuous improvement in working capital efficiency in finance.

Through these measures, OKI sets its business targets for fiscal year 2019 as follows; operating profit margin of 6%, shareholders' equity ratio of 30% or more, net sales of 500.0 B yen and operating income of 30.0 B yen. In addition, OKI strives to pay stable dividend by increasing profitability.

Moving forward, OKI will continue to make group-wide efforts to secure stable profitability and to grow sustainably. I ask for your continued support and cooperation.

May 26, 2017

S. Kamagami

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