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Investor Relations

Corporate Information Message from the President Corporate Information Message from the President

Shinya Kamagami

In fiscal 2017, the OKI Group reported generally solid performance in the ICT and EMS businesses, and benefited from yen depreciation in the Printers business. However, the Mechatronics systems business was affected by lower ATM sales in overseas markets. Consequently, net sales were down 13.6 billion yen year on year, to 438.0 billion yen. Despite lower sales volume, operating income rose 5.2 billion yen, to 7.7 billion yen, due to the absence of one-off losses recorded during the previous fiscal year.

Ordinary income rose 10.9 billion yen, to 8.5 billion yen, as the foreign exchange loss of 4.8 billion yen recorded in the preceding fiscal year improved to a gain of 0.2 billion yen during the year under review. Profit attributable to owners of parent expanded 1.2 billion yen, to 5.9 billion yen.

OKI expects to award 30 yen per share as our year-end dividend for fiscal 2017.

In fiscal 2018, OKI forecasts a rise of 12.0 billion yen in net sales, to 450.0 billion yen. We expect operating income to increase 6.3 billion yen, to 14.0 billion yen; ordinary income to grow 4.5 billion yen, to 13.0 billion yen; and profit attributable to owners of parent to fall 0.9 billion yen, to 5.0 billion yen. In fiscal 2017, the first year of Mid-term Business Plan 2019, OKI fell short of its targets due to sluggish ATM sales in overseas markets. To get back on a sustainable growth path in fiscal 2018, we aim to recover profitability by revising our strategy for the overseas ATM business and implementing structural reforms in the Mechatronics systems business, and further reinforce the IoT-related co-creation business and secure earnings from existing business in the ICT business. We will cultivate the industry printing market in the Printers business, and expand the EMS business further. Through these measures, OKI aims to achieve our targets for the year.

Based on the plans outlined above and its shareholder return policy, OKI forecasts fiscal 2018 dividends of 50 yen per share, to be paid at fiscal year-end.

OKI makes the stable and ongoing return of profits to shareholders a topmost priority.

I ask our shareholders and investors for your continued support and cooperation.

May 8, 2018

S. Kamagami

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