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Investor Relations

Corporate Information Message from the President Corporate Information Message from the President

Shinya Kamagami

I would like to take the opportunity presented by my recent appointment as President to deliver this message to investors.

The global economy today is in the midst of bewildering changes, including changes that affect the business environment in which OKI operates. Emerging markets, which drove the global economy until a few years ago, are experiencing marked economic slowdowns, a trend with not insignificant effects on OKI’s business performance. Still, under such conditions, I believe we must continuously formulate strategies for growth.

As an organization that operates in the social infrastructure business, OKI has a responsibility to help build safe and comfortable societies. An important precondition for fulfilling this responsibility is to earn the trust of all our stakeholders as a company that generates stable, reliable earnings. However, we cannot say at this time that we are achieving this goal to a sufficient extent. I see this as the result of our failure to plant the seeds of growth.

Fiscal 2016 is the final fiscal year of our Mid-term Business Plan 2016. While we will focus first on efforts to achieve the targets of that plan, at the same time, I intend to lead the OKI Group forward by fulfilling what I consider my responsibilities of formulating the next Mid-term Business Plan and planting and steadily nurturing the seeds of future growth.

Over the roughly 30 years since I joined the company, I have worked in areas ranging from technological development through marketing and business management in the mechatronics system business, centered on ATMs. Even when faced with difficult circumstances, I have stuck to my motto—“Practice on site comes first”— visiting with design, manufacturing, sales, and customers to overcome various challenges. In actual business activities, each workplace has its own solutions. Going forward, I intend to devote all my knowledge and abilities to management so that the OKI Group can meet all your expectations, while applying feedback generated by actual practices in the workplace.

I look forward to your continued support and cooperation of all our investors.

April 1, 2016

S. Kamagami

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