Changing the Administrator Password (Web Page)

You can change the administrator password of this machine from the Web page. The administrator password specified on the Web page is used when logging from the Web page or operator panel.

  1. Open the Web page of this machine.

    Open the Web Page of This Machine

  2. Log in as the administrator.

  3. Select [Admin Setup].

  4. Select [Management] > [New Admin Password].

  5. Enter a new password in [New Password].


    The password is case sensitive.

  6. Re-enter the new password in [New Admin Password (Verify)].

    The password is not be displayed. Write down the password and keep it in a safe place.

  7. Click [Submit].

    The new settings take effect when the network function of this machine restarts.


You do not need to restart the machine. The next time you log in as the administrator, you can use the new password.